Criteria for Grassroots Work

Oct, 2021

CounterPower is committed to building a revolutionary united front that brings together autonomous mass organizations, people's defense organizations, and revolutionary party organizations in the process of revolutionizing society from below.

The grassroots work of CounterPower members strives to adhere to the following four criteria:

  1. It must cultivate a systemic analysis of oppression, building a common understanding of the ways heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capital, and the authoritarian state have historically intersected and fused together into the global system of imperialism.

  2. It must bring into focus and elevate the collective leadership of frontline communities who are most oppressed by imperialism, especially working-class women of color and the people of the Global South, or build solidarity with grassroots freedom struggles emerging from these frontline communities.

  3. It must unite grassroots organizing with communist vision, strategy, and program, building the collective power of the oppressed to challenge and deconstruct the institutions, policies, and practices of oppression, while simultaneously reconstructing society from below in accordance with this emancipatory perspective.

  4. It must build towards revolutionary counterpower, prefiguring the relations of a free society and making a concrete contribution to creating forms of freedom based on democracy, justice, and sustainability.