We are a communist political organization based in occupied North America, the so-called United States. We are dedicated to the overthrow and abolition of the imperialist world-system, the liberation of the multitude of workers and popular social groups, and the construction of a world commune of communes. To achieve these objectives, we work to build organs of counterpower, autonomous defense groups, and parties of autonomy in every neighborhood and workplace, and to unite these disparate forces as a system of counterpower that can challenge the state for social hegemony and territorial control. Our organization has been established as a catalyst and defender of this revolutionary project. Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

A Cadre Organization

The word cadre comes from the French word for "framework," and generally refers to a core group of comrades who share a unifying political relationship. A cadre organization provides a general framework for the political praxis of revolutionary activists, and develops educational processes that help ensure a relative equality among all members. Minimally, we believe this organized framework should include (1) a common platform consisting of a shared analysis of the imperialist system, a vision of a socialist/communist alternative, and a strategy for waging protracted revolutionary struggle; (2) a common program of struggle that emerges from a process of social investigation, whereby cadre organizations identify potential strategic sites to concentrate forces; and (3) an organizational culture and style of doing politics that is collective, creative, humble, patient, accountable, and militant.

We aim to build an integrated multinational, intercommunal, polycultural, and intergenerational cadre organization, anchored among and loyal to the global working class, and strive to build a diverse membership reflective of the social composition of the multitudes of popular social groups within this country. However, we recognize, uphold, support, and defend the formation of independent, non-integrated cadre organizations among communities facing specific forms of oppression (such as racial, national, ethnic, gender, sexual, and/or disability oppression), or to constitute independent revolutionary caucuses within integrated organizations. Struggles for self-determination of oppressed communities - exemplified by the Black Liberation Movement - have historically had an emancipatory effect on the socialist/communist movement, as unity in diversity can only be established on the basis of autonomy within solidarity.