CounterPower's Political Committee is currently in the process of publishing a series of documents to be circulated among our comrades in the communist movement. Following a period of discussion and debate, we will convene an organizational congress to review these drafts, make the necessary amendments, and adopt a political platform for our organization. The proposed outline for this platform is as follows:

1. The Weapon of Theory (published). This document covers dialectical and historical materialism, social investigation and compositional analysis, and criticism, self-criticism, and summation.

2. The Imperialist World-System (forthcoming). This document will provide a historical analysis of the political economy and ecology of capitalist-imperialism, critically examining its heteropatriarchal and colonial foundations.

3. A System of Counterpower (published). This document summarizes our perspective on the pedagogy and methodology of revolutionary organizing, including the mass perspective and mass line, as well as the primary forms of organized autonomy we believe need to be construction by the masses in struggle. These forms include people's mass organizations, defense organizations, revolutionary party organizations, intermediate organizations, and the united front.

4. The Socialist Transition to Communism (published). This document elaborates a strategic orientation for protracted revolutionary struggle and our conception of 'socialism' not as a distinct social system or mode of production, but as a period of revolutionary transition in which a non-communist society is transformed into a communist society.

In addition to the four documents listed above, our Political Committee will be publishing a series of documents elaborating our organization's vision of the socialist people's commune in the period of transition, as well as a critical analysis and summation of lessons learned from socialist experiments in the twentieth century.